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Top new businesses of 2016: Carsnip

Founder: Alastair Campbell Launched: May 2016 Website: Have you ever had difficulty finding the right car for you? With so many car trader websites on the market, it’s easy to feel like you’ve missed out on the best deal for you or to get frustrated at simply not being able
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Top new businesses of 2016: Ajuve

Founder: Quentin and Alex Bargate Launched: May 2016 Website: Going to court and attempting to settle disputes can seem a daunting task for even the largest of businesses, let alone a start-up still trying to find its feet. With high legal fees and lengthy waiting times, most small businesses will
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Top new businesses of 2016: Buzzbike

Founders: Tom Hares, Andy Nunn, and Dave Smith Launched: October 2016 Website: Buzzbike allows you to ride a high-quality single speed bike in London for free, and use it 24/7, but there’s a small catch… you have to ensure you cycle to work at least 12 days a month
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Top new businesses of 2016: DAD

Founder: Ben Wynn Launched: May 2016 Website: Sometimes the best business ideas can come from the most frustrating moments, and video app business DAD certainly falls into this category. It was created by Ben Wynn – the former chief product officer at Somo – after he accidentally flooded his
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Inspiring UK female start-up founders winning over investors

“It certainly seems it is men who continue to triumph when it comes to securing traditional financing.” This is a quote from Estelle Lloyd, one of the fantastic female entrepreneurs you’ll meet in this series who, despite having raised over £3.5m for her start-up, is all too aware of the
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20 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2017

Across the UK, young people are leading the charge in launching successful start-up businesses. In fact, recent research from Microsoft indicated that businesses founded by young entrepreneurs were more likely to have healthier finances, whereas those with older founders – particularly those aged 55 and over – were more likely
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Who is Cath Kidston MBE?

Name: Cath Kidston MBE Businesses: Kidston founded international retail home furnishing and clothing chain Cath Kidston Why you should know about her: From a single shop in Holland Park selling tea-towels and renovated furniture, to an international chain of over 200, Cath Kidston’s decidedly English brand is instantly recognisable around
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Blogging your way to the top: Mother Pukka on life as an online influencer

Slouched in her pyjamas, with no make-up on, her hair tied back, breastfeeding a baby – Anna Whitehouse’s latest Instagram post isn’t exactly an image that’s synonymous with the glittering social media site. But for her 132,000 (and growing) followers it’s exactly what they’re looking for. A professional vlogger, Whitehouse,
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