Tech Pitch: Yoti

Company name: Yoti Founders: Robin Tombs (48), Duncan Francis (43) and Noel Hayden (46) Background: Alongside Yoti, I (Tombs) am a co-founder at Gamesys and an investor in early stage businesses. Previously, I co-ran another business with Hayden, which we successfully built up and sold, and before this I was an […]

Top new businesses of 2016: ScootFleet

Founders: Sam Merullo and Isobel Hume Launched: March 2016 Website: Just as Buzzbike is capitalising on the growing outdoor advertising market, so too is ScootFleet; a nine-month old start-up which has developed unique scooters with an illuminated “backbox” to showcase partner brands. Founded by Sam Merullo and Isobel Hume, ScootFleet’s patented […]