How we’ve created a product business that disrupts consumer buying

Names: Santiago Navarro and Joe Revell Company: Delivering Happiness Ltd, trading as Garçon Wines Company description: Inventor of the world’s first full-sized postable wine bottle, an innovative slimline design to revolutionise wine delivery, retailing and storage. Started in: 2016 Website: Describe your start-up barrier: In disrupting the well-established wine […]

Tech Pitch: COLLECTIVfood

Company name: COLLECTIVfood Founder: Jeremy Hibbert-Garibaldi (30) Background: Hibbert-Garibaldi worked as a forensic accountant, uncovering corruption and false accounting in Africa, before launching his first foodtech start-up in London. Based in: London Launched: September 2017 Very simply, what does your tech start-up do? COLLECTIVfood is an online procurement platform where […]

Tech Pitch: Movem

Company name: Movem Founder: Peter Ramsey (24) Background: Ramsey taught himself basic web development and created the first Movem site. He was at university when he founded Movem and dropped out to pursue it full-time. Based in: Brighton Launched: Initially June 2013, then relaunched in May 2017 Very simply, what does […]