How we’ve created a product business that disrupts consumer buying

Names: Santiago Navarro and Joe Revell Company: Delivering Happiness Ltd, trading as Garçon Wines Company description: Inventor of the world’s first full-sized postable wine bottle, an innovative slimline design to revolutionise wine delivery, retailing and storage. Started in: 2016 Website: Describe your start-up barrier: In disrupting the well-established wine […]

How we started a multi-million pound company with nothing but a fax machine

Names: Oly and Toby Richmond Company: Servicing Stop Company description: We are the UK’s largest online car servicing provider, offering MOTs, services and repairs. We are transforming the industry to make it convenient, affordable and trustworthy. Started in: 2009 Website: Describe your start-up barrier: The biggest challenge we faced […]

How my start-up cracked the international market

Name: Leah Hutcheon Company: Appointedd Company description: Appointedd provides advanced cloud-based online booking and scheduling software that allows businesses to take bookings and manage their time anywhere, anytime. Underpinned by its pioneering multi-timezone functionality (a world’s first), Appointedd enables businesses to operate seamlessly across every timezone. Join and Leah […]