Top new businesses of 2016: Ajuve

Founder: Quentin and Alex Bargate Launched: May 2016 Website: Going to court and attempting to settle disputes can seem a daunting task for even the largest of businesses, let alone a start-up still trying to find its feet. With high legal fees and lengthy waiting times, most small businesses will […]

Top new businesses of 2016: DAD

Founder: Ben Wynn Launched: May 2016 Website: Sometimes the best business ideas can come from the most frustrating moments, and video app business DAD certainly falls into this category. It was created by Ben Wynn – the former chief product officer at Somo – after he accidentally flooded his […]

Top new businesses of 2016: Zap&Go

Founders: Stephen Voller, Tim Walder, Dr Jonathan Tuck and Dr Marappa Rajendran Launched: February 2016 Website: A frequent business traveller, Stephen Voller saw a gap in the market for a portable charger fast enough to streamline the travel experience and eliminate the need for commuters to sit next to wall […]

Top new businesses of 2016: Well&Truly

Founders: Maria Trechman and Sara Trechman Launched: February 2016 Website:  Over the past five years, free-from foods have graduated from niche to mainstream, with a report from Mintel revealing that 55% of the UK market now buys free-from. Despite the size of this market, Swedish-born sisters Sara and Maria […]

Top new businesses of 2016: CityMunch

Founder: Robert Lynch Launched: February 2016 Website: Enabling restaurants to offer discount prices to users when short of diners, CityMunch’s USP is a crowd please as it lets customers eat at a discounted price and gives restaurants the chance to increase trade during off-peak mealtimes. Founded by Robert Lynch, […]

Top new businesses of 2016: Floom

Founder: Lana Elie Launched: February 2016 Website: Floom is to florists what is to creative businesses. The start-up operates an online platform which enables pre-approved florists to upload their bouquets to sell to customers “who are time poor and want a savvy online experience but don’t want to compromise on […]

Top new businesses of 2016: Bijou Commerce

Founder: Olly Cooper Launched: January 2016 Website: Despite estimates that 85% of consumers prefer to make purchases using mobile native apps, only 2.3% of retailers believe that their business provides an optimal online shopping experience. Enter Startups 100-listed Bijou Commerce; an 11-month old B2B start-up which seeks to help […]