Guildford-based Simon Douglas is celebrating becoming one of World Options’ highest-earning franchisees just three years after launching his business, having turned over more than £400,000 in 2016 alone.

The parcel shipping and delivery chain credits Douglas’ success to his previous experience in courier sales, as well as his ongoing “passion and commitment” to making his business “the biggest and best” it can be.

According to World Options, Douglas has taken advantage of the brand’s flexible franchise offering by choosing to work long hours and working towards a goal of creating “a strong business with a high turnover and low overheads” since he started a business with the franchise in November 2014.

The brand claims that Douglas is on track to achieve further increases in turnover and profit over the coming years.

Founded in 2002, World Options provides clients with on-demand parcel shipping, courier and delivery services, accessed through its online portal and sold through a network of home-based franchisees.

Having expanded its UK operations from zero to 75 franchises over the past five years, it is on the lookout for entrepreneurs across the country to join its network, and is offering benefits such as flexible hours and working from home, which it claims are key to achieving a happy work-life balance.

Of the advice he would give to prospective franchisees, Douglas said: “You have to have clear expectations of what you want to achieve and then just go for it, it’s totally worth it.”

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