Budding UK entrepreneurs Mike and Luisa Keig, husband and wife, have become Auditel franchisees in order to secure “more freedom in their working life and to be able to spend more time with their children”

The new owners of cost management franchise Auditel’s Bristol base, the Keigs previously worked as Auditel employees but decided to become franchisees for the chain after “looking for something more stimulating”.

Established by Chris Allison in 1994, Auditel was originally a licencing operation which trained people in utility bill auditing and launched as a business format franchise in 1997.

It now offers ongoing cost management services and has franchise opportunities available for an average fee of £37,950.

The Keigs commented: “One of the huge benefits of owning a franchise is that you can take the afternoon off if you want to. We love the flexibility of our business!

“You can swap out a Friday afternoon for a couple of evenings in the week and still get the same amount of work done. Running a business isn’t necessarily easier in that sense, it’s just more flexible.”

To find out more about Auditel’s franchise opportunities, click here.

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