Wiley RRP £19.99 Edited by Jeremy Kourdi

The Marketing Century discusses a plethora of marketing and PR related topics, including digital marketing, advertising, branding and social marketing, to provide an interesting study of the past, present and future of marketing.

Each chapter is written by a different author and provides a detailed analysis of their field of expertise, which allows the reader to dip in and out. In the chapter on PR, author Paul Mylrea describes how it has developed and the principles of great PR, saying it “needs to be strategic and actively supported at senior levels in an organisation”, and that “it requires internal support as well as an external focus”. 

In the chapter focusing on strategic marketing, authors Don Peppers and Martha Rogers discuss the “fallacy of short-term thinking”, suggesting that many companies tend to concentrate, misguidedly, on short-term profit. Offering useful advice, they guide the reader to question their business practices and more importantly look towards the long-term.

As well as providing some food for thought on the nature of marketing, the book also offers some excellent constructive advice that can be put to use when thinking about branding and developing a marketing strategy.

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