Founder: Quentin and Alex Bargate
Launched: May 2016

Going to court and attempting to settle disputes can seem a daunting task for even the largest of businesses, let alone a start-up still trying to find its feet.

With high legal fees and lengthy waiting times, most small businesses will have at least one grievance that never gets followed up which could cost them money or even lead to bad debt.

It was this problem that prompted father-and-son team Quentin and Alex Bargate to launch Ajuve – an online arbitration platform – in May 2016.

Having set up his own successful law firm in 2004, and with over 30 years of experience in the legal sector, Quentin had become increasingly frustrated with the time, cost and stress associated with dispute resolution and identified a clear gap in the market for an online alternative.

Described as a “fast track alternative to court”, users can join Ajuve for free with the parties involved in a dispute charged £25 plus 3% of the amount in dispute above £500.

Ajuve also provides users with free advice around claims and an arbitration clause for businesses to use in their contracts, to help businesses start off on a strong legal footing and make it easier to resolve any disputes down the line.

Proof of its early success, the start-up was one of 100 early-stage businesses recently selected to be part of Mass Challenge’s 2016 accelerator programme so you can expect to hear more about Ajuve in the coming months.

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