Founder: Ben Wynn
Launched: May 2016

Sometimes the best business ideas can come from the most frustrating moments, and video app business DAD certainly falls into this category.

It was created by Ben Wynn – the former chief product officer at Somo – after he accidentally flooded his bathroom when attempting to fix a faulty tap. Instead of calling out a plumber, Wynn decided to FaceTime his father and ask him for advice on to how to fix the leaking tap.

Thankfully his dad was able to assist in getting the plumbing emergency under control and this triggered a lightbulb moment for Wynn, and the perfect name for his brand…

Aiming to help consumers avoid “having to endure expensive call-outs or waiting for plumbers, electricians and handymen to turn up at their home”, DAD enables users to video call a DIY expert for just £10 – for help with tasks such as fixing a broken toilet seat or installing a dishwasher.

Targeted at the millennial generation (those aged 18-34) and time-poor professionals, all of the ‘experts’ on the app are heavily vetted and screened and can arrive to your home, tools in hand, if needs must.

Having raised £2m in seed funding from domestic home repair company HomeServe in May 2016, we’ll be watching to see how DAD measures up in 2017!

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