If you’ve decided to have kids, you should already know two things:

First, it’s incredibly rewarding.

Second, it’s incredibly expensive.

For younger parents who are starting a family, financial stability has to be part of the planning.

This becomes even more challenging if you or your significant other plan to stay home part- or full-time.

But there’s good news…

Even if you’re doing the challenging, rewarding work of a stay-at-home parent, you can still work for a paycheck.

The instant connection provided by the Internet makes working from home a more viable option than ever. And many jobs provide the flexibility you need while taking care of children.

Some job search sites are designed specifically for the stay-at-home parent.

Many of these sites only reference the stay-at-home mom, but almost all opportunities can work well for any parent, regardless of gender.

You can also search for jobs in your field that will allow you to work remotely (put “remote” into the search engine).

How much money will you make?

It depends. Some jobs listed below provide a small side income for extra purchases or savings.

Others can lead to a larger, more stable paycheck—essential for a single parent.

With work like blogging and online sales, you can commit as much or as little time as you’re able. And typically the more time you invest, the more money you’ll earn.

But there’s something very important we want to help you avoid:


There are many jobs you can do from home that seem too good (or too easy) to be true. In some cases, they are.

In the list below, we’ve hand-picked our 14 favorite, genuine work from home jobs that you can pick up and start almost as soon as you’re done reading this article.

We’ve listed options for a variety of talents, interests, and energy levels. Take a look:

1. Sales and Customer Service

Love working with people?

Here’s an in-demand way to interact with others from home. It’s also one of the more reliable work from home jobs.

You’ll need a phone, an Internet connection, and usually a quiet space (which may require strategy with small children underfoot).

Companies like American Express, Working Solutions, Alpine Access/Skyes and more hire remote customer service agents.

2. Marketing and Social Media

With corporate social media becoming more important in company presentation, some workplaces are looking for social networking experts, and willing to outsource.

Marketing can take many forms.

One of the most common for stay-at-home workers involves promoting a company’s products online. The Marketing Chick has lots of tips for different marketing opportunities, including email marketing and website design.

3. Blogging

Blogs help you connect with a community, share information, and de-stress. If a little income comes in, all the better.

You can monetize an existing blog in a few ways:

Google AdSense lets blogs display ads (the pay varies). Just know that there are some downsides to this strategy.

Affiliate marketing has many different facets, but the most common is referring your readers to buy someone else’s product or service.

For example, when someone clicks on one of your affiliate links and purchases a product or service you recommend for them, you get a commission.

You can get started at sites like CJ.comRakuten Linkshare, Amazon or Shareasale.

What you write about is up to you. To make money, you’ll want a built-in audience—a wide variety of people interested in your topic.

4. Freelance Writing

Whatever your area of expertise, there’s probably a publication that pays for articles about it.

Some publications want subject-matter experts; some just require you to be good with words and willing to do research.

Sites like Upwork and Demand Media post freelance opportunities exclusively.

Are you a grammar stickler? Are you detail-oriented?

Consider freelance proofreading and editing jobs.

FlexJobs, another great freelance site, has a few to check out.

Many companies need willing hands (and ears) to transcribe audio files.

For some types of transcription, like medical transcription, you may need additional training. For others, you’ll just need a pair of headphones and a keyboard.

7. Data Entry

If you’re good with numbers and spreadsheets, highly attentive to detail, and don’t mind a little repetitiveness in your work, data entry can be lucrative.

Try ClickWorker, DionData Solutions, or similar companies.

Bookkeeping requires some financial know-how and mathematical skills.

You may also need certain software programs installed. If you’re interested in learning bookkeeping, there are free classes online.

9. Mystery Shopping

Mystery shopping lets you make cash for purchases, and explore different retail outlets you might not find otherwise.

You won’t earn much money this way, but it’s a side income that doesn’t require a huge time commitment.

Companies like Sinclair Customer Metrics and Market Force hire mystery shoppers in multiple locations.

Web or software development involves patience, creativity, and coding knowledge.

Whether you have software skills or want to develop them, the field’s in high demand right now.

Go to Authentic Jobs for some freelance opportunities.

Know a second language?

Plenty of companies need translation services, and a native speaker provides more accurate work than translation software.

For more human interaction, teach a foreign language through a site like italki.

Online classes are increasingly popular. Why not teach one in your area of expertise?

You can tutor students from your home or online.

Platforms like Udemy and Skillshare facilitate online learning through courses, and tutoring websites are abundant.

You’ll need time to plan lessons and a reliable video link for online tutoring sessions.

13. Crafting and Online Sales

Selling old books, clothes, and other items online can be lucrative, depending on what and where you sell.

If you enjoy creating or fixing things (jewelry, candles, T-shirts, home appliances…the list is endless) try an Etsy shop.

With enough time and customers, you can develop your crafts into a full-blown small business.

14. Online User Testing and Focus Groups

New websites need testers to see if they’ll appeal to the public. Platforms like UserTesting set testers up with sites that are matches for their demographic profile.

Even easier, online survey sites like these let you make a few extra bucks while you binge on Netflix. Opinion Outpost is an example of a site that offers rapid signup with your existing Facebook, Google or LinkedIn account and pays you gift cards or cash for taking online and mobile surveys. Learn more here.


So is there a legitimate work at home job for you?


And this list includes popular options, but there are much more…

Other remote jobs range from online juror to virtual errand runner to field agent.

Positions affiliated with a local office may require you to be on-site from time to time—weekly or monthly, for instance.

And most work on this list requires a good Internet connection with audio and video. A clean, quiet space doesn’t hurt, either.

Find out the job’s requirements, and be honest with employers about your needs. Chances are, you’ll be able to find a good fit.

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