Whether you’re battling high student loans or struggling to make the rent on your city apartment, extra cash can always come in handy. But while a second job sounds like a great idea, between your full-time job, family, and other obligations, there’s not a lot of room for set hours and schedules.

That doesn’t mean you’re stuck with just your salary; there are plenty of entrepreneurial side gigs that you can do while setting your own hours and your own earning potential.

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Whether you’re looking for some extra spending money or want to launch a side business that can eventually replace your income, these are side gigs you can do from your home:

Create graphics and web layouts

If you love graphic design and web layouts, why not put those skills to work and earn money from your couch?

From solopreneurs to startups, new companies need marketing pieces and professional-looking websites every day. Hourly rates can range from $40-100 an hour and you can take on as much work as you can handle.

If you don’t have a computer that can handle a lot of graphic work or you lack industry-standard programs like InDesign and Photoshop, starting this business can be costly, but it’s a profitable line of work that can earn that money back quickly if you keep at it.

Write web content

With every company launching a blog to try and boost their SEO, corporations are starving for quality content and often lack the resources to produce it themselves. Freelance writers can make very good money writing blog posts in industries from pet products to pipe fitting.

When you’re just starting out, rates can be low—approximately $0.05 a word—but as you build your portfolio and skills, you can charge more. Top freelance writers earn as much as $1 a word. And because all you need is a laptop, internet access, and a word processor, startup costs are minimal.

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Offer at-home pet sitting

If you love animals, being an at-home pet sitter can be a great way to get your dog-fix while making money. With more and more owners looking for alternatives to the traditional boarding kennel, demand for pet sitters is very high.

Sites like Rover and Care.com make finding potential clients easy for a low fee, but insurance is frequently required. Most pet sitters earn between $20-$40 per night, per pet, and the work is flexible. You can decide to take on more cats and dogs during busy seasons—like the holidays and the summer—and then take weeks off depending on your needs.

Launch an online course

If you have specialized skills, you can sell online courses teaching what you know. Whether you’re a Periscope expert or can make the best Excel spreadsheets, there’s a lot of need for quality online learning opportunities. If you’re just starting out, sites like Udemy make it easy to upload and sell your course, or you can go it alone with your own site.

Become an eBay seller

While many people use eBay as a virtual garage sale for things they own, you can actually make a good deal of money without having any products at all.

Some people make very lucrative salaries serving as middlemen and drop shipping. With drop shipping, you never actually handle the product, so you don’t have to worry about keeping inventory or managing shipments. Instead, you simply serve as a storefront for the merchandise on eBay; the wholesaler actually ships the products to your customers for you.

SaleHoo is a common wholesale directory site for those interested in becoming eBay middlemen. While the earning potential is extremely high—many people replace their entire salaries with drop shopping income—it does have some intricacies, so do plenty of research before you get started.

If you are a quick typist, you can make steady side income as a transcriptionist. You’ll turn audio and video files of varying lengths into text documents. Many industries rely on transcription services, particularly the health, insurance, and academic sectors.

You will need some supplies to transcribe quickly, such as a headset and foot pedal. Your earnings depend largely on the industry and the speed of your work, but many make approximately $10-20 an hour. Some reputable companies include Eight Crossings and Daily Transcription.

Become a virtual assistant

Virtual assistants are used by many companies—particularly small businesses—to handle day-to-day administrative tasks. From online billing to scheduling appointments, virtual assistants are generalists that help the client work more efficiently.

While you can command higher rates working on your own, keeping a steady stable of clients can be a challenge. That’s why many virtual assistants opt to work through companies like Red Butler, eaHelp and Time etc. You can set your own hours and flex them as needed; most virtual assistants on these sites earn between $10-15 an hour.

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Making money on the side is a smart way to boost your savings or to pay down debt. Whether you start a business on your own or work part-time for a work-from-home company, you can use your skills to increase your earning potential.

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