Savings Interest Calculator

What’s Ahead: How the Simple Savings Calculator works Looking for one of the best savings accounts? Try CIT Savings Builder Summary The savings account interest calculator uses two different methods – Monthly Deposit and Savings Goal. The Monthly Deposit method focuses on the outcome of making regular deposits. The Savings Goal […]

The True Cost Of Going Vegan

Going vegan is more than just a fad followed by celebrities like Paul Mccartney, or even senator Cory Booker. It is an opportunity for people to follow their ethics, improve their health, and even support the environment. If you are considering a vegan diet for yourself, give some thought to […]

Thrift Savings Plan Explained – What You Need To Know

You’ve decided that saving for retirement is important. Great! Now, you’ll need to decide where to invest your money for long-term growth.  If you happen to be in military service or a federal government employee, then HR has likely introduced you to the Thrift Savings Plan AKA the TSP. The […]

Davos: Seven Ways To Save The World – And Your Money

The World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, is better known as a meeting of global elites – the rich, the powerful, and, disproportionately, middle-aged, white, cis-men. But, in 2020, the real stars of Davos are teenage girls with a compelling message to share. Greta Thunberg, one of the most vocal […]

The True Cost Of Adoption

If you’re thinking about adoption, you know first-hand how expensive it is, and how cost definitely becomes a part of the consideration of whether and when you can or will ever decide to adopt. What I’ve found is that the sheer cost is a not insignificant part of the story […]