Father’s Day is coming up, so don’t forget to get your dad a gift! I don’t know about you, but my dad is a lot more difficult to buy gifts for then my mom, mostly because tools, car parts, and recliners are expensive (yes, he’s a pretty traditional dad).

So, today we have a list of inexpensive, thoughtful gifts any dad is sure to love!

For dads who love to cook

FreshJax Grilling Spice Gift Set, (Set of 5)—$24.99

Let’s face it, most dads love to grill more than anything, so this set of five grilling spices if perfect. There’s a ton of variety in this pack, from spicy to sweet.

Stainless Steel BBQ Grill Tool Set—$23.99

For any dad that spend summer nights in front of the grill, they’ll need a good set of grilling tools. This set comes equipped with everything he’ll need, including: 4-in-1 spatula, fork, superior-grip tongs, basting brush, four kabob skewers, eight corn holders, salt and pepper shakers, storage case, and grill cleaning brush.

Beer Chiller Sticks—$10.79

Ok, so this isn’t cooking, but tons of dads love beer. These stainless steel chiller sticks can help make your dad’s glass of beer ice cold.

French Fry Cutter—$36.99

Make the perfect French fries (or cut up vegetables if you’re feeling healthy) with this french fry cutter. It’s easy to use and clean, and cuts veggies effortlessly.

Smoker Box—$21.95

If your dad loves to smoke meat, this steel smoker box is the perfect gift. Throw in some wood chips and your dad will be eating delicious food for years to come. He might even give some to you as well – a win-win if I’ve ever heard of one! 

For dads who like the finer things

Beard Grooming Kit—$19.99

For dads who like to be clean shaven, this kit can help them do just that. It comes with a beard comb and brush set, conditioner, softener, moisturizer, and barber scissors.

Personalized Whiskey Decanter—$44.99

For dads who like a good bottle of whiskey, this personalized decanter can help class up any drink cart.

Bluetooth Suitcase Turntable with Speakers—$42.99

If your dad is of an older generation, he probably had a turntable as a kid. Well. This small, suitcase turntable offers a modern twist: It has Bluetooth so you can connect it to any wireless speaker.

Roll Up Electronics Accessories Travel Gear Organizer Case—$9.99

For dads with tons of electronics, they’re probably always losing chargers, headphones, and USB drives. With this organizer, your dad can keep all his belongings well organized.

Bamboo Wooden Watch—$19.99

Instead of getting your dad the same old expensive leather watch, get this unique watch made out of bamboo (but don’t worry, the strap is still authentic leather, so it stays comfortably on your wrist).

For dads who have hobbies

Magnetic Wristband for Holding Screws, Nails, Drill Bits—$12.99

For dads with workshops, this set of two cuffs can hold screws, bolts, nails, and any other small tools that are easy to use. They’re also light, so they’re comfortable to wear.

Personalized Engraved Hammer—$27.99

Is your dad’s trusty hammer finally wearing out? Then this sturdy personalized hammer is great gift idea.

Retractable Extension Cord—$42.99

If you’ve ever tried to roll up an extension cord, you know how annoying it can be. This retractable extension cord is a dream come true for dads always working in their shops.

Telephoto Lens Set For iPhone—$16.97

If your dad’s hobby is taking pictures, he’ll love this iPhone lens set. It comes with four lenses and can fit on any iPhone, and select Samsung devices.

Flexible LED Work Light—$39.99

This rechargeable work light comes with a flexible rubber stand that also has a magnetic back to attach to most surfaces. You can customize it to glow in high, low, and flash modes.

For dads who love the outdoors

Lodge Cast Iron Grill Pan-–$23.61

This cast iron pan will last a lifetime and grills anything perfectly over the fire. This pan is 10.25 inches, so it can hold a decent amount of food.

Personalized Multi-Purpose Pocket Knife—$11.99

This pocket knife has a ton of different tools and is made out of stainless steel and wood. Engrave your dad’s name or anything else he’d like on it!

Emergency Blanket (4 pack)—$7.99

If your dad loves to camp, you should make sure he has this pack of emergency blankets. They absorb the sunlight to keep you warm, and are light weight.

Water Resistant Durable Daypack—$17.99

This daypack can hold all your essentials and can fold up when you’re done using it. It’s super lightweight, water resistant, and comes in a variety of colors.

Survival Gear Kit—$26.99

This outdoor survival kit comes equipped with 13 different tools. Even if your dad doesn’t get a chance to do a whole lot of camping, it’s great for just storing in his car just in case an emergency arises.

For new dads

Promoted To Dad Shirt—$21.99

This shirt features the saying “Promoted to Dad” and you can customize the established year to the year he became a dad. It comes in a variety of colors and is super soft.

Laguna Tide Travel Diaper Bag—$39.98

This diaper bag is perfect for new dads who are on the go. It comes with a padded infant changing mat and 12 storage pockets.

Smartphone Handlebar Mount for Stroller—$12.99

Need to use your phone while walking with the baby? This stroller mount holds any iPhone, plus the Galaxy S7, S6, and S5.

Man vs. Baby: The Chaos and Comedy of Real-Life Parenting—$11.55

This book is a must have for every new dad – even Ashton Kutcher thinks so! It’s a hilarious insight into the reality of fatherhood.

“I’m a Dad, What’s Your Superpower” Mug—$7.69

Sleepless nights mean a lot of coffee, so this mug is great for a giant cup of joe. 

For dads with a great sense of humor

Bath & Shower Beer Holder-–$14.99

If you haven’t heard, shower beers (or wine) is a hashtag on twitter. For any cool dad that wants to join the fad, this is a great gift.

101 So Bad, They’re Good Dad Jokes—$5.50

Is your dad a master at dad jokes? Well now he can get even better with this hilarious joke book.

Sandal Socks—$10.39

If your dad is kind of a nerd, he’s probably worn socks with sandals at some point in his life. These hilarious socks are sure to make him laugh—as well as everyone else.

Fridge Locker—$37.14

For some reason, dads always have the best leftovers. So, get him this locker for the fridge that only he knows the code for.

Leather Beer Holster-–$14.99

If your dad loves beer and has always wanted to be a cowboy, this beer holster will make his dreams come true! It holds any standard beer bottle, and even has a credit card storage area on the back.

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