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Moneymentals Logo

Life is too short to let yourself be consumed by money troubles. You can spend years:

  • Scrimping and sacrificing without accumulating meaningful savings
  • Saving a bit of cash one month only to “need” it the next
  • Grinding it out in an unsatisfying job just to get by

Even if you make some progress, you might end each week stressed and exhausted. That’s because you’re allowing money to dictate your life, not the other way around.

It’s time to change your Moneymentals

An amazing thing happens when you restructure your finances around what you want in life instead of what society tells you to want.

You feel richer almost immediately. And pretty soon, you actually become richer, too.

Changing your Moneymentals lets you:

  • Stop spending money on things you don’t value
  • Spend more money on fun—travel, experiences and even indulgent purchases
  • Say goodbye to tedious budgeting
  • Build wealth automatically
  • Achieve total financial freedom sooner in life

A system proven to help you save

Moneymentals is a system developed by Michael Goldman, a close friend of mine here in Maine and a Certified Financial Planner®.

By combining insightful content and powerful money management tools he uses with clients paying him thousands of dollars, Moneymentals teaches the No Budget Way of managing money.

Moneymentals will, quite simply, help you take steps to reshape your finances in just a few weeks. And you don’t have to be naturally “good with money”. The system works with finance nerds and chronic over-spenders alike—I’ve seen it!

This fall, Michael and I are going to accept a very limited number of Money Under 30 readers to try going through Moneymentals online. If you want an invite—or just want to learn a bit more about what Moneymentals is all about—drop your email below.

In a few days, we’ll be emailing out the details behind one simple Moneymentals exercise that can—by itself—completely transform how you look at money.

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