Do you feel young, dumb, and broke? If so, Khalid feels you. After all, his breakaway hit talks about how much you can still give – even in those circumstances. Pop legend Elton John even covered the song, bringing it into even greater prominence.

But do you really want to be broke? You can’t do much about being young, but you can be smart and start making solid money choices. While you can’t always control the setbacks that come into your life, it’s possible to move forward.

Here are a few tips that can help you get on the right financial foot, no matter your age.

Spend smart

The way you spend money has a big impact on your overall financial picture. Carefully consider your values and what matters most to you. Does your spending reflect your long-term goals?

Many of us find, when we track our spending or look back through bank statements, that our spending isn’t in line with what we say we value. This isn’t about just restricting yourself to needs, although that’s a good place to start.

Really think about what you’d like your money to accomplish for you, and start making decisions based on whether certain expenditures are helping you meet your goals. Then create a budget with those goals in mind. 

Shop around

Part of spending smart is shopping around for the best value. This doesn’t always mean the cheapest, though. It’s about getting the best bang for your buck.

Compare your options when shopping for just about anything. You can save money on insurance premiums, your next laptop, or just about anything else you choose to buy. A few minutes shopping around can go a long way toward helping you save money.

Policygenius is our recommended go to to shop around for personal finance products. You can compare quotes on most types of insurance, including:

Policygenius will compile all your quotes and compare them for you. You’ll get all your rates on one page, making the insurance shopping process significantly easier.

It’s easier than ever to get a sidehustle today. The internet makes it possible to earn money on the side, as does the sharing economy.

Think about what you have available to you. If you have a car, you can drive for Uber and Lyft, or rent your car out using Turo.

If you have a skill, like writing or social media management, you can freelance on the side.

From pet sitting to establishing an online store, it’s possible for you to begin earning extra money.

Use that money to pay down debt or to save up for other financial goals. When you know what matters to you, it’s much easier to understand what you should do with any extra money you earn.

Make credit cards work for you

You might be surprised to discover that using credit cards can be a smart way to avoid being broke. However, you have to be smart about the way you use your credit cards. There’s always the risk that you’ll overspend and end up in debt—and that’s a short road to being young and broke.

Instead, you want to maximize credit card use and rewards. Whether you prefer cash back or want travel rewards, it’s important to think about what you’re most likely to use. What type of rewards will provide you with the best value? Can you find a card that gives you extra points or cash back in everyday spending categories?

Once you know what card works best for you, begin using it only on things you plan to buy. Keep within your budget and plan to pay off the balance each month. That way, you don’t end up paying interest and you don’t get into debt.

Using credit cards is about incorporating them into your financial plan, not using the rewards as an excuse to overspend.

Some of the best credit cards likely to work for you include: