According to the United States’ Social Security Administration website, the typical age of retirement is 65. However, many people are more ambitious when it comes to retirement.

If you’re part of this ambitious group, we have a list of suggestions that can undoubtedly help assist you in achieving earlier retirement.

The benefits of retiring early

The obvious reasons for early retirement involve doing enjoyable things aside from working. Traveling and seeing more of what the world has to offer are usually the two top things on the agenda.

However, according to U.S. News, retiring early has a long tail of benefits that are rewarding for almost anyone. These advantages include better health, newfound interests, opportunities to save money, more leisure time, and the freedom to explore other avenues of revenue, just because.

It is no wonder that many seek to achieve retirement before its typical age. In this article, I’ll share a theoretical approach to starting at age 25 and retiring at age 45.

But first watch our quick 2-minute video about the FIRE movement and how to retire early.