When you’re trying to build your credit history, you can find yourself stuck in a paradox. You can’t build your credit until you’re given a loan, but no one wants to give you a loan without a credit history.

As a result, some give up in frustration and resign themselves to “having no credit.” But there are ways to build credit from scratch, otherwise no one could have done it.

There are credit cards that are designed for people with limited or no credit history. These cards may not offer you incredible rewards, or super-low interest rates, but you can get approved for these cards easily in order to build your credit.

Secured cards

One way to build credit is with a secured credit card, which is available to people with no credit history. Secured cards are similar to other credit cards, but you must pay a refundable security deposit before your account can be opened. Also, the credit line you receive will be equal to the amount of your deposit.

After your account is opened, you’ll receive a statement each month and you must make monthly payments. Your security deposit will only be used if you’re in default. You’ll also have to pay interest charges if you decide to carry a balance.

Within a year, most secured card users who have made all of their payments on-time payments are able to switch to an unsecured card and have their security deposit refunded. Here are two of the best secured cards: